Date vinegar

History of date vinegar:

The history of date vinegar dates back to ancient times in tropical, Middle Eastern and North African societies and regions.
Date vinegar, as one of the natural and traditional products, is prepared from dates and historically has deep roots.


Fermented preparation method:

After the date is folded and completely washed, the kernel and the cap are removed. In the next step, the date turns into pulp and turns into vinegar in a period of at least six months, and is packed after sedimentation and pasteurization.

The fermentation method is completely different from the traditional method and no additives, preservatives or caramel color are used in it.

Benefits of date vinegar:

Energy supply for the body
Blood sugar control
Rich in oxidants
Improve stomach and digestive function

Flavor of date vinegar:

Date vinegar is a brown, flavorful and sour substance that is made from dates.

The sour taste comes from the presence of acids in vinegar, especially horseradish, which in addition to this, date vinegar has a sweet fruity aroma that is inherited from dates and turns into an aromatic product. This combination of sour taste and fruity aroma is Date vinegar gives distinctive features.